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Disability Attorney in Richmond, KY

If you are unable to work because of illness, injury or disability and need help, you need caring knowledgeable legal counsel to help you navigate the disability process with your private short term and long term insurance carrier, you employer or the Social Security Administration.
Your situation and your family are important to you and to our firm.  You have options under the law.  Please contact us.  Arrange a free initial consultation in our office.  We will help you focus on finding the right solutions for you and your family.

Disability Claims and Appeals

Our law office is a proven resource for people who are injured or disabled and cannot work.  We can help you file for Social Security benefits or appeal an unjust decision to deny your claim.

Lawyer Susan B. Martin's experience and knowledge also make her a trusted advocate for people across eastern Kentucky needing assistance with:

  • Richmond, Kentucky Disability
  • Social Security hearings and appeals
  • Disability Retirement Claims
  • Veterans Administration Disability Claims
  • Short Term Disability Insurance Claims
  • Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

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Social Security Disability and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims
Kentucky Disability Claims and Appeals Attorney

If you, your child or a family member has been stricken by serious illness or an injury, the financial consequences can be devastating.  Many people's first or only source for paying medical bills and supporting their needs is the appropriate Social Security disability program provided by our federal government.  When you need help with a claim for these benefits, please contact us.

There are two different Social Security programs intended to provide benefits to people who cannot work for more than one year.  We help people who must file or appeal claims for either:
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  • Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) - for working people who have become disabled and cannot continue in their jobs.
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI) - for people unable to work due to disability with very limited income from any other source and for children with serious medical problems and serious problems with functioning.

Properly Filing Disability Claims - Appealing Wrongfully Denied Claims

At the office of Susan B. Martin, Attorney at Law, we can help you navigate the complex government systems for filing an SSDI or SSI claim.  Our familiarity with the system includes:

  • Proper preparation of all application documents.
  • Obtaining your medical records from your doctors.
  • A thorough understanding of the functional incapacities that can prevent you from working and how best to present the evidence of your disability to the Social Security Administration.
  • Proper preparation of your hearing before the Social Security Administrative Law Judge.
  • Appeals after your hearing.

An unfortunate reality is that many valid SSDI and SSI claims are initially denied for a wide variety of reasons.  Lawyer Susan B. Martin represents our clients in administrative hearings throughout Kentucky in the effort to complete successful appeals.  This is a very technical area of the law - and the outcome often depends on your lawyer's experience.  

You take no added financial risk when we agree to pursue your Social Security disability claim or appeal.  We collect a fee only if you obtain benefits - and that fee is set by law.
We Also Appeal Wrongfully Denied Disability Retirement and Long Term Disability Insurance Claims

 The problem of frequent claim denials also applies to many claims under employer-provided long term disability (LTD) plans.  Although this is a much different situation, requiring negotiations or litigation with the insurance company, we have succeeded in helping people get the benefits they deserve after a denied LTD claim.
If your valid disability claim has been denied, we know the most effective ways to appeal that decision.  We have helped working people, disabled children and others get the help they need.  Please contact our Richmond, Kentucky, law office for caring, knowledgeable legal help.
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